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May 16, 2019

Project to deter opioid tampering wins 2019 NIDA Addiction Science Award

A 14-year-old’s innovative approach to prevent tampering and misuse of opioid pills won a first place Addiction Science Award at the 2019… Source: News feed
May 14, 2019

National Institute on Drug Abuse Intramural Research Program Holds Opioid Symposium

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Intramural Research Program will hold a one-day symposium to summarize the most recent advances in… Source: News feed
April 21, 2019

Opioid Dose Variability Associated with Overdose

A new study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that high dose variability increases the odds for an opioid overdose… Source: News feed
April 21, 2019

How People with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) Can Lend a Needed Hand in Addiction Research

One of the major challenges in health science today is that not enough patients participate in clinical trials and other studies. Without volunteers… Source: News feed
April 3, 2019

FDA Special Announcement: Reports of Seizures After Using Nicotine Vaping Devices

(From the FDA web site ) The FDA has become aware that some people who use e-cigarettes have experienced seizures, with most reports involving youth… Source: […]
February 14, 2018

The 3 Best Ways to Get Your Life Back on Track So You Can Thrive in Recovery in 2018

By Adam Cook Whether you’re early in your addiction recovery or have been working on recovery for some time, you’re likely looking for ways to ensure […]