November 30, 2020

On World AIDS Day, Celebrating Scientific Advances and Confronting the Complexities of HIV and Substance Use

On World AIDS Day we applaud the substantial strides made, while recognizing the challenges that still need to be addressed. Source: News feed
November 23, 2020

Amy Hauck Newman appointed to lead NIDA’s Intramural Research Program

Dr. Newman officially began her new position at the NIDA IRP on November 22, 2020 Source: News feed
November 12, 2020

Rising Stimulant Deaths Show that We Face More than Just an Opioid Crisis

There is an alarming increase in deaths involving the stimulant drugs methamphetamine and cocaine Source: News feed
November 3, 2020

Neighborhood conditions associated with children’s cognitive function

NIH-funded research from ABCD Study finds association despite household income Source: News feed
October 19, 2020

NIH study tests a comprehensive model intervention to reduce opioid overdose deaths in hard-hit communities

COVID-19 brings challenges, learning opportunities Source: News feed
October 12, 2020

NIH-funded study links adolescent brain differences to increased waist circumference

Finding from ABCD Study elucidates neural mechanisms that may underlie early weight gain Source: News feed